Keyless Lock Poem

November 2016

I used to think that I was a lock that was made for one key 

Until I saw so many people 

Inside me

And so I started to leave the door open more and more  

But still it all felt raw

Like trying to sandpaper my way through your skin

Past it's colors

And definitions 

Past it's wounds and past embraces

Past our rules and our disgraces

And so I resemble someone with whom you have trusted with your naked self 

And yet I am a stranger, again and again

I walk in and out of your inner world

A past lover your sworn to forget,

Yet you remember in the quiets of your secret future. 

And so I stand before you 

Fully clothed and ignorant of the throes our bodies once labored upon.

The warm waves which once lapped across your chest 

in the hot sands of summer 

run back down your legs 

and surrender to the ocean. 

I'm drifting the cusp of your lips, slowly parting the softness of that Red Sea, as if the charting of these waters were my destiny. 

And yet your history book makes no mention of our discovery.  My Viking voyage lies ignorant of our conquest.  So I stand before you like a child unborn or a parent never met.  


Eventually you will learn to skinny dip in sacred lakes.  

Unabashed by the statement of your body and unglued from the illusion of our separateness. 


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