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Life has been a journey for me that has had many detours.  Some have been to places of joy, others pain, despite what they look like on the surface, they have almost always lead me to go deeper within myself to conquer, or incorporate, their messages into who I am and how I can be a better vessel of these truths.  If your eyes are open, and you look around, clearly there is a demand in the world for us to stand for core principles:  healing, inclusion, education, the environment, connections, and recovery are what I stand for, and I invite you to take this journey with me as we conquer our own demons and get rid of the junk that's in the way of our healing as people and a humanity.  Since 2008 and I have been a member of the recovery community, have become certified Recovery Coach as well as Lead Trainer at a Empowerment Educational program Synergy in NYC.  I also work with the Ammon Foundation as an empowerment coach and work directly with people in recovery to help launch them into the next portion of their lives.


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